Extract from “THESTAR” : Overweight, Obesity & Cancer

The followings are some of the extract from an article wrote by Dr Tee E Siong (dated Oct5,2008)

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) expert report on: Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer, released in November 2007, presents the evidence for this link and provides detailed recommendations for the prevention of cancers.

The evidence linking overweight, obesity and cancer is now even stronger than it was in the mid-1990s. There is now convincing evidence that excess body fat increases the risk of the following cancers: colorectal (bowel), oesophagus, pancreas, kidney, endometrium (womb) and breast (in postmenopausal women). Being overweight or obese probably also increases the risk of gallbladder cancer. There is limited evidence suggesting that greater body fatness is a cause of liver cancer

WCRF recommendations:-

The recommendation of WCRF is therefore to be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weight.

As a guide, a healthy waist measurement is less than 80 cm (32 inches) for women and less than 90 cm (35 inches) for men. Remember that the measurement should be taken after breathing out!

Things to DO!!!

> Lead a more active life; sneak in some exercises in your daily routine.

> At work, do desk exercises or walk to your colleague’s work station instead of talking on the phone.

> Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

> Walk instead of driving for short distances.

> If you drive, park further away from your destination and walk.

> Wash your car yourself, clean your house briskly, do gardening/farming or mow your lawn.

> Exercise at least three times per week for 20-30 minutes each time.

> Go jogging, swimming, cycling or do brisk walking.

> Take up recreational sports.

> Play golf (minus the buggy).

> Eat less high-fat, high-calorie foods and snacks.

> Avoid overeating, nibbling and eating at irregular times.

> Keep an eye on portion sizes as controlling the amount you eat is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight.

> Avoid weight-loss diets that severely restrict calories and other nutrients.

> Trying to lose weight with self-induced vomiting and the use of laxatives or diuretics can be dangerous.

For the full article…check the following links


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Slimming Centre in Bukit Tinggi, Klang (Royal town of “Bah Kut Teh”)

Today we travel to Klang. Klang is a big place with population of over 1 million residents. It is very popular for it’s Bah Kut Teh. It is a a herbal soup that uses pork ribs and tenderloins. It comes in bowl form or claypot (more expensive). Everywhere you go, you will see shop selling bah kut teh.

With such a nourishing food everywhere, slimming centre is also high in demand too. The first place I go is Bukit Tinggi which was developed only a few year back but it is flourishing with 3 MAJOR shopping mall…Jusco, Tesco & Giant. The business centre also fully occupied. Bukit Tinggi 2 is booming too.

There is also a dedicated website for the town.


Today, I am going to cover not just “Professional Slimming Centre” but I will widen my scope into Skincare Beauty Saloon which also provides slimming Services.

There are a lot of slimming option available…so be a wise consumer and go around the market before committing your precious dollar to non-effective treatments.

First of all, the TOP OF MY LIST is this unique treatment………

Do you know that Chinese Sinseh also start to provide slimming services? It is using needle (not injection)….it is SLIMMING ACCUPUNCTURE. This is the first time I saw such treatment. And they are giving it FREE. Is it from China? I dunno.

Allure Bodyline cost you RM89 for a first trial. And also it is BUY 1 FREE 1 concept.

S2 Slimming was named according to the slogan and objective of the company, which is ‘S Shape comes true’. Whereby, S2 Slimming strives to achieve the dream of the step to door women of attaining the S Shape body. The main therapy is Manual Fat Drainage that raises the concept of the company. Manual Fat Drainage originated from Hong Kong. No machine is used. As per their Banner, the 80% should apply to certain services only and not all. Please double confirm with them.

S2 other services are as follows:-


Here is a 3 in 1 shop…I mean these 3 shops are just next to each other. They are located at Bukit Tinggi 2 commercial centre.


Marie France, it is one of the PIONEER in slimming industry. For over thirty years, Marie France Bodyline has been renowned for using easy and 100% natural treatments.They really invest heavily in their beautiful ambassador…Christy Chung & Bernice Liu. However, these girls are having perfect body since young and I don’t think they know what it is like to be call “FAT GIRL”.


Aster Spring…they are no involved much into slimming. Main product is the DERMALOGICA for skincare. Some people says that the product result is very slow because using low % of active ingredients.


Slimming Sanctuary, focus in Machine Therapy. Using ‘high-price’ machine to achieve desirable results. Sometimes I really wonder does those machine need to cost RM100,000 (more than a Toyota Vios). Or it is just a gimmick. HQ from Singapore and willing to invest heavily in renovation too.


FRESSIA BEAUTY & SPA. This shop offer slimming but did not state clearly the details.

CN Beauty just say that it have slimming package but no details at the moment.

HEALING TOUCH offer a RM49.90 first trial package. It is a FULL BODY SLIMMING package.

IMPRESS ESTEEEM is teaching student how to be a professional slimming therapist.

SKIN RENEW is related to APT Hair Saloon. You can see the identical colour and font too. They have started to go into skincare industry and now to slimming too.

It is gonna cost you RM99 for a trial on the effectiveness.

Dr Alice clinic. When I google for this shop, I got a very worrying picture from http://www.wahlau.net

The website is totally piss-off with this clinic. Check it here http://www.wahlau.net/2007/12/31/ruined-by-dr-alice-and-her-unprofessional-staff/

The place is full with ‘foreign worker’. Is it safe for us ladies?

Mayfair, exist many years back & celebrating 20 years now. Specialty is suitable for our Malaysian as they are using “Chili Therapy”. According to “Mickey Mouse”(i didn’t know that our Malaysia mouse is getting trimming down too 🙂 ) from http://www.malaysiabrides.com “Effectiveness is rather slow but enjoyable as compared to Terimee. They will recommend some “supplement pills” which Mickey Mouse is reluctant to take. Mayfair also use a “Sucking Machine” to result.

Mayfair also started a TV reality show, “Dare2Lose” in 2007. Great publicity indeed to cover the Chinese Market.

Terimee. This one have a Hong Kong actress “Charmain Seah” as ambassodor. Everywhere you go, they are highlighting her nice body. I like her show very much and she really is a good actor. I think the HK camera makes her more chubby when she is on-screen. The photo i saw on the signboard is a ‘slim-down’ version. http://www.terimee.com.my/

Bizzy Body, what sort of 1st Assurance? Who is covering the insurance and also what sort of guarantee? I wonder is it just sales talk.

Anyway, Bizzy Body is having a BEAUTIFUL MUM SEARCH CONTEST. So for those of you that already become ‘young mummy’, I suggest you to give it a try. Maybe you don’t have to pay anything after winning.


Slim World. The shop is just next to Bizzy Body at Bukit Tinggi 2. The target market is Malay group. Their first trial is RM388.

Here goes the Bukit Tinggi Slimming Centre coverage….stay on for more info coming your way!!

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How Fat is Malaysian Popular Breakfast

Do you still remember how much of calories you need EVERYDAY?


Let’s look at the few Malaysian food that is easily available during our breakfast time.

Bear in mind….

The sequence of the listing is based on Malaysian favourites and NOT RELATED to calorie content

No 1 Favourite on our menu – Nasi Lemak & Drinks

Wikipedia says…

Nasi lemak is a dish that is commonly sold in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Southern Thailand. In fact, it has been called the unofficial national dish of Malaysia .

All Malaysian coffee shop MUST HAVE nasi lemak.

Nasi Lemak (279 kcal) + Fried Egg (67 kcal) + Ayam Goreng (141 kcal) + 3 in 1 Coffee (65 kcal)

TOTAL = 552 kcal (30% Fat)

No 2 Favourite on our Menu – Wantan Mee & Drinks

This is my favourite mee from Batu Pahat…. Ah See Noodle House. More than 60 years serving absolutely delicious mee to my family.

From wiki…

Wonton noodle or wantan mee is a Cantonese
noodle dish which is popular in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The dish is usually served in hot soup, garnished with leafy vegetables, and wonton

Wantan Mee (268 kcal) + Soya Bean (163 kcal)

Total = 431 kcal ( 26% Fat)

No 3 Favourite on our Menu – Roti Canai with Egg & Drinks

Roti Canai (sometimes it is called roti prata) with Egg (289 kcal) + Coffee with condensed milk (113 kcal)

TOTAL = 402 kcal (34% Fat)

No 4 Favourite on our Menu – Prawn Noodle Soups (‘har mee” in Cantonese) & Drinks

Prawn Noodle Soup (368 kcal) + Barley Drinks (55 kcal)

TOTAL = 423 kcal (39% Fat)

No 5 Favourite on our Menu – Roti Bakar + Telor Separuh Masak & Drinks

This is a traditional breakfast for lot’s of Malaysian. With the recent “KOPITIAM TREND”, it had become very popular. You can see KOPITIAM is at every corner of the street.

2 piece of Roti Bakar (132 kcal) + butter (100 kcal) + kaya (52 kcal) + 2 telor separuh masak (140 kcal) + soya bean (163 kcal)

TOTAL = 587 kcal (32% Fat)

Reminder : All the above calorie are based on scientifically data collected and with the varieties of ingredient & preparation method….the calorie content varies from each food producer.

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Being able to know how much you need to REDUCE or ADD to your daily food intake is very very important!!

I don’t want you to become so paranoid that whenever you eat on something, you got so worried that you are gaining that extra pound. I have seen friends that are a bit on the too worried type. I am so concern they become Anorexia nervosa”.

There are a lot’s of ways to count your IDEAL CALORIE requirement and most of it varies by not more than 10%-15%. This is due to the following factors:-

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Genes
  • Gender
  • Races
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Surface (do they count your body hair thickness too??hehehe)
  • Climate
  • Activity level
  • Environment
  • Clothing (are you kidding me?)
  • And blah blah blah….the list just go on.

Sometimes, it seems to me that some expert are trying to prove how good they are but it seems they are complicating us (non-degree holder for BIOLOGY)

So my search continues and I found 1 quite reliable sources…


Here is an example of the calculation:-

It may look complicated but you just need to enter 5 personal info and…the result is out.


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Coming soon in July 2008

….brought to you ONLY by http://www.slimmingmalaysia.wordpress.com

  • A SPY RECORDING of a Slimming Centre Consultancy Session
    • Have you ever wonder whether your problem is same as other customer too?
    • Have you ever wonder whether the ‘Consultant’ are giving the same answer to different solution or not?
    • Have you ever wonder whether the price you paid to them are the “BEST PRICE”?
  • How much does your MEAL cost you? I don’t mean Ringgit Malaysia…I mean CALORIE
    • Knowing how much calorie goes into your body is AN IMPORTANT & LONG-TERM knowledge you must have to achieve your slimming goal
  • More & MORE Slimming Centre information & photos is on the way…
    • Bukit Tinggi, Klang
    • Subang Jaya
    • Bandar Sunway
    • Bukit Raja, Klang
    • And my own hometown….Batu Pahat, Johor

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